Manhunt for rapist holed up in Islington

POLICE are hunting a convicted rapist who is believed to be hiding out in Islington after breaching the terms of his licence.

David Andrew Brierley, 31, was released early from a prison sentence for a rape in Warwickshire, but is now wanted on recall after disappearing.

A dedicated police team have been deployed to trace him and they have information that he is staying in the Islington area.

Detectives have now released pictures of Brierley in the hope the public will recognise him and reveal where he is. Brierley is originally from Birmingham. He is 5ft 10ins tall, stocky and weighs 19 stone. He has hazel coloured eyes, dark brown hair and two distinctive tattoos near his shoulder on the upper half of his left arm. One is in black writing and the other includes several red hearts.

Police are urging him to hand himself in as soon as possible to his nearest police station.

Police are telling witnesses not to approach him, but to call 999 immediately..

Anyone with information can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.