Green Lanes gang members guilty of killing which sparked tit-for-tat shooting

Mizuki Brown

Mizuki Brown - Credit: Met Police

Two gang members have been found guilty of killing a student whose death sparked the tit-for-tat shooting of autistic “gentle giant” Chad Gordon.

Jemal Ebrahim, 23, was fatally stabbed in the leg in Green Lanes, Tottenham, on May 13 2020.

Jemal Ebrahim

Jemal Ebrahim - Credit: Met Police

His killing by the Green Lanes gang led to a reprisal attack, mistakenly targeting Mr Gordon, 27, on May 18 last year.

Mr Gordon, who had nothing to do with gangs, was shot in the head as he opened the door of his home.

The intended targets lived next door and were friends of Mr Ebrahim’s killers, Tyreese Annan and Mizuki Brown.

Tyrese Annan

Tyrese Annan - Credit: Met Police

Following an Old Bailey trial, Annan, 20, of Tottenham, and Brown, 25, from, Margery Street, Clerkenwell, Islington, were found guilty of Mr Ebrahim’s manslaughter.

Co-defendant Abdul Gaffer, 25, from Tottenham, who drove them to and from the scene of the killing, pleaded guilty to Mr Ebrahim’s manslaughter.

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Prosecutor Anthony Orchard QC told jurors how Gaffer had driven the attackers in a silver Nissan Qashqai from Wiltshire Gardens Estate in Finsbury Park to the Edgecot Grove Estate in Tottenham on the evening of May 13 last year.

Mr Orchard said the group had been intent on stabbing anyone they believed was a member of the Edgecot Grove gang.

When they arrived at Edgecot Grove, the Qashqai passengers got out and chased Mr Ebrahim and others.

At least two of the attackers caught up with him in an alleyway where he was stabbed in the thigh, severing the femoral artery.

The attackers ran back to the Qashqai which rapidly made off.

Mr Ebrahim was taken to hospital, where he died the next day.

Mr Orchard told jurors that shortly after the stabbing, two apparent revenge attacks took place at an address associated with Annan.

And five days later, Mr Gordon was shot to death when he opened his door on the Wiltshire Gardens Estate.

In May this year, Mason Sani-Samedo, 19, of Tottenham, and Cameron Robinson, 20, of Dagenham, were convicted of Mr Gordon’s murder.

At the time of the murders, members of the Edgecot Grove Gang were being investigated by police for drug dealing.

Mr Ebrahim had been arrested on suspicion of selling heroin and crack cocaine to an undercover officer.

Jurors heard that Annan had previous convictions from the age of 15 for threatening with an offensive weapon, robbery, wounding with intent and having blades, including a “bayonet knife”.

Brown was 14 when he pleaded guilty to robbery and attempted robbery.

The defendants, who are in custody, will be sentenced on October 26.