Moped crooks snatch man’s iPhone in Islington...before giving it back to him

David Burns with the iPhone stolen by moped thieves yesterday morning. Picture: David Burns

David Burns with the iPhone stolen by moped thieves yesterday morning. Picture: David Burns - Credit: Archant

For years, phone snatching by moped riders has been one of Islington’s major issues. Only two weeks ago, police launched a campaign to raise awareness of the problem, with 50 reported offences a week across the borough. But Crouch End man David Burns can count himself as one of the luckier victims.

In the early hours of yesterday, he had his iPhone 5s snatched by two thieves on a moped in Shepperton Road. Much to his surprise, however, they stopped and decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

Instead, they settled for the phone’s protective case - which was broken.

David, 35, told the Gazette this afternoon: “It was about 4am. I had just left my mate’s house after we had been on a night out. I was in Shepperton Road and took my phone out. A moped came by and they snatched it right out of my hand.

“They went off to New North Road, just over the road, and I went back to my mate’s flat and banged on the door.

“I shouted that my phone had been snatched and turned round to see they had stopped. I heard them saying something to me, and then they pointed at the floor before driving off.

“I went over and it turned out they had placed - not dropped - the phone on the floor. It’s an iPhone 5s, I wouldn’t have thought they’d have been that fussy! The only thing they took was the case, which was weird because it was broken.”

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He added: “I have no idea about the motive for not taking the phone. It doesn’t make sense at all. Maybe they saw me and thought I was intimidating, and that I was ready to exact merciless revenge. But I doubt it.”

Police are investigating the incident.

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