Moped delivery drivers banned by Uber and Deliveroo after complaints of loitering and fighting off Upper Street

A brawl in Hampton Court on Sunday.

A brawl in Hampton Court on Sunday. - Credit: Archant

UberEats and Deliveroo have both ditched delivery drivers for repeatedly ignoring traffic laws and causing anti-social behaviour in two side roads off Upper Street.

People living in Hampton Court and Swan Yard say the moped riders hang around outside their homes from morning until midnight every day while waiting to pick up orders from McDonald’s and other nearby food spots.

Last week the Gazette reported Uber Eats had threatened to ban drivers and Deliveroo was working with the town hall to solve the problem.

Now it has emerged four have lost access to the Uber app, meaning they will not be able to make deliveries any more.

Another has been given a final warning.

As for Deliveroo, that has also terminated the contracts of two riders due to its zero tolerance policy about Highway Code violations.

In addition to action from the two delivery companies, McDonald’s has also asked that the 10 most frequent offenders are banned from making deliveries from the store.

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The news has been welcomed by the homeowners, who complain the drivers are noisy and some intimidate anyone who asks them to move, while last week a scrap broke out between a group of workers.

One said: “The streets are a disgrace because of these drivers and they do not care one bit about the people who have to live here.”

The two roads were outlawed to through traffic in 2015, but the road blocks aren’t enough to stop those on two wheels.

Long-term, the council has responded by saying it will install double-yellow lines in both roads, giving enforcement officers more power.

In an email to people in the two roads, a council officer said: “This [action] has come about because of our continued involvement with, and pressure on, the delivery companies themselves to take action.

“I will be conducting further site visits with Uber and Deliveroo in the coming weeks to observe whether this is having a positive impact but colleagues have already noticed more drivers making use of the loading bays on Upper Street as a more suitable alternative.”

The council said it was “pleased” the companies had taken “positive steps”.