More details emerge over disturbances in Islington last night

More details have emerged about the extent chaos sweeping the capital spread to Islington last night.

Thirty to 40 youths tore through the N1 Centre on bicycles – and stole biscuits from a coffee shop.

The youths also smashed a glass jar at the Tinderbox Espresso Bar at the shopping centre, in Parkfield Street, Islington.

Marco Cazau, 26, who works at Tinderbox, said: “There were around 40 people in the centre wearing hoods and masks. But they always come to steal stuff here, it’s normal. They’re just kids. They just came to cause trouble.”

The Vue cinema, meanwhile, was evacuated as a precaution.

A worker from Vue said: “The police came up and spoke to the duty manager and suggested we evacuate because there could be a potential raid.”

An N1 Centre security guard added: “About 30 people came through on their bikes. Some cookies were stolen from Tinderbox, but that’s as bad as it got.

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“Everyone looked quite calm about it on the CCTV footage. I don’t think it will kick off in Islington as badly as it has elsewhere, but you never know.”

Meanwhile, a group attempted to get into the Carphone Warehouse in Holloway Road, Holloway. A large gang then met up outside Selby’s, metres away in Holloway Road, just before midnight.

Miles Meneses, 24, a retail assistant at Selby’s, said: “There were about 12 kids wearing masks trying to get into the Carphone Warehouse. There was a meeting outside Selby’s later, but nothing happened to us.

“I think it’s just copycats who saw what happened in Tottenham. They just think they can get away with it easily now. It’s got nothing to do with the guy that passed away.”

The window at the Carphone Warehouse was cracked but not broken. Staff said no-one had made it inside and nothing was stolen.

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