More than 6,000 use Islington’s new anti-social behaviour hotline

More than 6,000 people have used the new antisocial behaviour (ASB) hotline, helping disperse drug users and find hidden weapons.

The line was launched in February so residents’ complaints could all be directed to one phone number, and in the first six months, 6,244 people have dialled in.

A call about 10 to 20 people smoking cannabis and damaging a building in Wynatt Street, in Finsbury, led to officers dispersing the group and finding a machete. Another incident cleared off some aggressive people living in a tent on a canal towpath.

Ch Insp Richard Padwell, of Islington Police, said: “The hotline provides another way for local residents to raise concerns and the council’s antisocial behaviour team are helping to challenge inappropriate behaviour and support victims.”

But Cllr Terry Stacy, leader of the Lib Dem opposition, said the cash for the phone line could have could have been better used elsewhere. He said: “This year Labour councillors refused to back plans for nine extra police officers on Islington’s streets. Instead they chose to spend �215,000 on a new phone line.”

The ASB hotline is 020 7527 7272.