Mother and baby attacked by bagel man in Finsbury Park

Mrs Charity at the park entrance where she was attacked on Friday

Mrs Charity at the park entrance where she was attacked on Friday - Credit: Archant

A mother was chased through a park and attacked – while pushing her baby in a pram.

Charlene Charity felt she and 15-month-old Rosa’s lives were at risk when a man set upon them on Friday.

The attack happened near Finsbury Park’s Seven Sisters Road entrance at around 8.15am.

Five women tried to stop him, but the man escaped.

Mrs Charity, 38, who lives off Stroud Green Road, was taking Rosa to Ambler Children’s Centre, in nearby Blackstock Road.

She told the Gazette: “I was walking through the park and there was a guy who I thought looked like an eco hipster, with a huge beard. But he was dumping a whole lot of bread into the children’s playground.

“I just said, politely: ‘Excuse me, you shouldn’t do that. It’ll attract rats and pigeons.’

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“He said something back to me in another language and then just went for me. He threw a bagel at me and then ran in my direction. I ran away, terrified, with my buggy.

“I was screaming and when I reached the exit, he punched me in the ear, and then on top of my head. I think I also got a kick in the leg. He was just going for me.

“The pushchair flipped at the exit and I fell. What terrifies me is that if I hadn’t fallen, I may have run straight into the road with the pushchair.”

Mrs Charity and Rosa escaped with minor bruising – Rosa’s bruises were sustained when the pushchair tipped over.

And Mrs Charity said they weren’t the only victims: “I turned around and I saw a girl in her mid-20s lunge for him and he hit her in the face. About four ladies tried to stop him.

“I remember someone hugging me after, and others helping Rosa. I just want to thank those ladies for all their help.

“My daughter was hysterical – I was hysterical. I’ve not been able to process it. I honestly feel my life was put at risk.”

Mrs Charity, who works for BT in St Paul’s, has now called for action in the park.

“I think the park is becoming more and more feral. It should be a nice place, but everyone knows about the drug dealing, anti-social behaviour and violence. It feels lawless in there.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything to this man, but it shouldn’t be like that. It wasn’t as if I was telling him off.

“I just want it cleaned up. It feels like no one will take responsibility for it.

“Finsbury Park has lots of concerts. It’s an inconvenience but I don’t mind. I even went to one last year. A lot of money gets generated, so surely a portion of that can go to regenerating the park?”

Police are appealing for information on the man, described as white and unkempt, with a ginger beard.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.