Murderers of Agnes Sina-Inakjou jailed for 32 years each

Killers will be behind bars until their 50s.

The killers of Agnes Sina-Inakoju were each locked up for least 32 years behind bars before being considered for parole.

Judge Peter Beaumont QC, the Recorder of London, said the sentences were intended as a deterrent to stop gun crime in London.

He told both Leon Dunkley and Mohammed Smoured that they would not be released until they were in their fifties, if ever.

The judge said: “You took a loaded submachine gun in broad daylight to a public place where I am quite satisfied on the evidence I have listened to that you expected to find members of an opposing gang and were prepared to fire that gun in revenge for some slight on the London Fields gang of which I am equally certain you were active members.

“Not only did you take a life of a young woman of great promise but you have destroyed a family’s happiness and you have destroyed your own lives as you will not be released from prison, if ever you are released, until you are in your fifties.

“Gun violence with loaded weapons that imperils innocent people on the streets of London has got to stop and the only weapon in the court’s armoury is to pass sentences of such length so that the message goes out loud and clear that behaviour of this sort will not be tolerated, whatever your age.

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“The sentences I pass are intended to be deterrent sentences.”

Dunkley and Smoured were both jailed for life with a minimum term of 32 years for murder and seven years concurrent for the firearms charge.

Their family members wept in the public gallery as they were taken down to the cells.