Passengers’ horror at Holloway Road Tube fight

Dozens of police officers were seen at the station after the fight broke out. Picture: Joseph Hesket

Dozens of police officers were seen at the station after the fight broke out. Picture: Joseph Heskett - Credit: Archant

Terrified train passengers were trapped inside a bloodsoaked carriage, while windows smashed around them, when a fight broke out at Holloway Road station on New Year’s Eve.

Two people were seen “going berserk” on the platform at about 10.40pm and the panicked passengers were left with nowhere to go.

One man who was trapped on the train said there were families with children on board and people were shaken by what was going on.

“I had blood on my shoes,” he said. “People were moving down the carriages to escape the frenzy.

“It was just a fight that got way out of hand. Windows were being smashed and there was blood on the floor.

“It was a crazy half-an-hour down there.”

The man had boarded the train with his 16-year-old sister at Manor House and while the train was heading to Holloway Road one man was punched to the floor.

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“We started moving down the carriages to get away from it,” he added. “But they seemed to follow us down. The train was quite packed, there was people going out, families, kids. He got punched again. By this point they were going berserk and one guy took his top off.”

The drama continued once the train had pulled up to Holloway Road and one of the men got off.

“These two guys, the one who got punched and his friend, were now going berserk on the platform.

“The doors were closed and someone had pulled the alarm. He started punching the window. Then staff came and called police. Who were there for about five minutes.

“We were down there for half-an-hour but it felt like longer.”

Dozens of police attended the station and British Transport Police (BTP) said two teenagers had been arrested over the fight.

The pair, aged 16 and 17, were held on suspicion of criminal damage and handling stolen goods and have both been bailed until February.

Tony Matthews, TfL’s Piccadilly line general manager, said: “I would like to thank passengers for their patience during this incident which must have been extremely distressing to witness.

“We do not tolerate acts of criminal damage on our transport network and thankfully incidents such as this are extremely rare. We are working closely with British Transport Police to assist their investigation.”

The train was taken out of service while the windows were fixed.