Passer-by who confronted robber in Highbury chicken shop given an award

Lousie Clarke and her daughter ??? Pic: Dieter Perry

Lousie Clarke and her daughter ??? Pic: Dieter Perry - Credit: Archant

A public-spirited passer-by who confronted a phone thief in a chicken shop was among those honoured at the annual Islington Police Awards on Tuesday.

Louise Clark was driving through Highbury when saw a woman running after a robber who had stolen her phone and joined the chase.

She cornered the rogue – who was a well-known phone thief in the area – in a chicken shop and demanded the return of the woman’s belongings, even though she had no idea who the victim was.

The 41-year-old said: “I saw a man running in front of my car – I had to break to avoid hitting him. Then I saw a woman chasing him and I thought ‘he’s up to something’.”

“I couldn’t reverse, so I went out to the top of the road, near Highbury Corner.

“I saw him dart into a chicken shop. I thought ‘I’m going to say something to that little bugger’ so I parked up and went in.”

She asked him what he had done – and the thief claimed the woman had attacked him. Then Miss Clark noticed he was holding a white iPhone and pink card holder.

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“They were very womanly items,” she said. “I told him to hand them over. He said no and started walking towards me.

“I started to get a bit nervous – I suddenly realised how big he was.

“He tried to push past me, so I pushed him back. Quite hard, now I come to think about it. His face was shocked. He realised I wasn’t going to let him out.

“He huffed and puffed a bit, then he gave me the stuff and ran away.”

Miss Clark went to Islington police station to hand them in, where she met the victim who had just reported the crime.

“She was lovely about it all,” she said.

“Looking back it might have been a bit stupid – he could have been carrying a knife. I can see why people don’t want to get involved.

“But I can’t believe what’s come from it. It’s lovely to get the award.“