Perverts arrested for sexual touching on Finsbury Park tube

British Transport Police arrested three men accused of sexual touching on trains

British Transport Police arrested three men accused of sexual touching on trains - Credit: Archant

Three perverts were arrested for sexual touching on trains as part of a crackdown on commuter-based molestation.

The three men were held last week during Project Guardian – a joint operation involving British Transport Police (BTP) the Met and Transport for London (TfL) aimed at improving reporting levels among victims of sexual offences and to promote non-tolerance of intimidation and sexual harassment.

One man was arrested on Friday after his victim got off the train and pointed him out to police officers at Finsbury Park stations.

Meanwhile two more men were arrested at their home for a sex offence on the Piccadilly line between Covent Garden and Finsbury Park.

The operation saw hundreds of uniformed officers stepped up patrols across the transport network while plain clothes officers helped identify any suspicious behaviour.

Ch Sup Paul Brogden, of BTP, said: “We know victims often don’t report these incidents to us – either they worry they won’t be taken seriously, or think it’s just part and parcel of everyday life. “I want to make it clear that we do not tolerate unwanted sexual behaviour of any kind on the transport network and take every report seriously. Our passengers should not have to suffer in silence and we will do everything we can to support you and bring offenders to justice.”

Ch Ins Colin Carswell said: “Unwanted sexual behaviour on the transport network will not be tolerated and by carrying out this Project Guardian week of action we are able to intensify our efforts in catching offenders and raise awareness of how to report any incidents.”