Police on alert as racist graffiti and stickers referring to ‘white genocide’ found off Caledonian Road

Graffiti in Edward Square, near Caledonian Road. Picture: Met Police

Graffiti in Edward Square, near Caledonian Road. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Archant

Racist graffiti and stickers – including one referring to a “white genocide” – have been uncovered by Islington police.

St Mary’s officers were first alerted on March 22 to graffiti in Edward Square, near Caledonian Road.

It read: “No Somalis, no Blacks, no Geese [St Mary’s Police believe this is a reference to gay people), no Latvians, no Jews, no Muslims. Only White. EDL (English Defence League].”

A sticker saying “diversity is code for white genocide” was then found over the last few days on a lamppost near Laycock Primary School in Laycock Street – right outside offices of Islington Council.

Another racist sticker was reported in Westbourne Road, Holloway.

That one was seen by someone waiting for the bus.

All the concerned graffiti and stickers have been removed by Islington Council who alongside the police are monitoring further racially-motivated incidents in the area.

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Cllr Andy Hull, Islington Council’s community safety chief said: “There is no place for hate in Islington.

“We condemn this appalling graffiti and the disgusting sentiments it expresses.

“We are proud of our diversity in this borough – it makes us stronger, which is something our community has shown time and time again.

“We urge residents who see graffiti of this kind to report it to police as a hate crime.

“If residents also report hateful graffiti to the council, we will remove it as a priority. On this occasion, we removed it within two hours.”

Additional stickers of similar hate speech were thought to have been spotted elsewhere in the ward, and as a result extra police patrols have now been authorised in the area.

St Mary’s Police commented: “Local Dedicated Ward Officers have been made aware of racist and hate related graffiti and stickers appearing in the borough.

“We would like to assure our residents that we are paying close attention to this issue.

“If any more are spotted by local residents, please contact police and make your ward officers aware.”

Anyone who sees graffiti of this kind in Islington is urged to call police on 101.