Police set to launch crackdown on drug epidemic around Cally Road and King’s Cross

A user buying drugs in New Wharf Road.

A user buying drugs in New Wharf Road. - Credit: Supplied

Drug dealing and using on the streets of King’s Cross are threatening to bring back the “bad old days”, according to a stalwart Cally politician.

Cllr Paul Convery, Islington’s former crime chief, says over the last 12 months the problem has become out of control.

Police say they have only just been made aware of the issue and are planning to tighten enforcement in the area in the coming weeks.

It comes after neighbours complained about “rampant” dealing and using at all hours of the day, as well as the anti-social behaviour that brings.

Caledonian ward’s Cllr Convery told the Gazette: “I’ve witnessed many incidences of dealing and drug taking by a very chaotic group of drug dependent people. It’s now on a different scale from what we saw only a year ago and appears to be very much more organised.

“We have a problem that is reverting to the bad days of 20-plus years ago.

“Our police team is very alert to it but seems to be completely over-stretched. I’ve asked the Met commissioner and borough commander to target the area with specialist resources to disrupt the drugs economy which is otherwise flourishing without restraint.”

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Homeowner Bill Konos said the “delivery drug service” has become so bad people are accosted when they leave their homes in All Saints Street, New Wharf Road, Northdown Street, Balfe Street and Railway Street.

“If you came down here today, within an hour I guarantee you would see somebody buying or selling drugs,” he said. “You see two, three, four users on the street. A minute later somebody shows up – and the users start taking drugs there and then.”

He has also noticed more businesses using security. Like McDonald’s in Pentonville Road.

“If you’ve got security staff at McDonald’s at lunch time, you have got a problem,” Bill added.

McDonald’s said security had been hired to “safeguard our customers and crew” after speaking to police about the area’s ASB problems.

Insp Steve Murfin said officers recently seized a “significant amount” of drugs in a bust, and that known offenders had been given notices to ban them from causing trouble. He added: “We will look at taking increased enforcement action in the coming weeks to try and alleviate further problems.”