Police shut down illegal New Year’s Eve rave at Archway job centre – at 11.30pm

Police at the scene of the illegal rave. Picture: @999London

Police at the scene of the illegal rave. Picture: @999London - Credit: Archant

An illegal New Year’s Eve rave at an Archway job centre was shut down by police – at 11.30pm.

Cops were called to reports of disorder at the Elthorne Road building at 9.30pm after hundreds of youngsters had broken in and set up a sound system.

But the ravers were left stood in the street as the clock struck midnight. Police kicked everyone out and seized the music gear an agonising half-an-hour before the big moment.

No arrests were made but one 17-year-old who had tried to clamber over a roof to get into the rave was injured when he fell through a skylight. He is seeing in 2018 in hospital.

One neighbour said: “There were over 10 police vehicles and I’d say definitely over 600 teenagers. The police marched them down in a line, down Elthorne – away from Holloway Road, kids were trying to break into one of the gates.”

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