Police want Seven Sisters Road club shut down over ‘appalling levels of violence’

Afasika Bar and Restaurant. Picture: Google

Afasika Bar and Restaurant. Picture: Google - Credit: Archant

A Seven Sisters Road bar could be closed down at the request of police who say there are “appalling levels of violence” at the tiny venue.

Afasika Bar and Restaurant can only hold 60 people, and isn't open regularly, but licensing officers say there are regularly incidents involving "heavily intoxicated" punters that "without exception" result in serious violence.

On November 5 last year, as reported in the Gazette, a mass brawl took place in the early hours of the morning outside the venue.

Up to 30 people were seen fighting with poles, lumps of wood and metal bars and one person who was knocked over was stamped on and ended up in hospital.

Police say every time they visit the venue, which has already been in hot water over noise issues, they spot licensing breaches that are not addressed. Those include the CCTV and ID scanners not working.

"Put simply the police have no confidence in the designated premises supervisor (DPS)," a report states. "Of specific note on this point is the fact that review of CCTV footage from several incidents demonstrate the DPS attempting to control outbreaks of disorder with zero success.

"He appears completely ineffective in this role and in fact on one occasion he can be seen being simply thrown to the floor when he attempts to interject."

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The report details how one fight broke out between two old friends who started arguing over how long ago they had known each other.

Town hall staff also say they have "absolutely no confidence" in the licensee's ability to comply with the conditions and have requested the licence is revoked.

Licensing manager Terrie Lane said in a report: "Despite all the licensing officer and the police attempts to work with the premises and its owner, it has failed, and the way the premises is operated is a risk to public safety and is adding to crime and disorder in the location.

"In addition, the premises continue to generate noise complaints, and therefore is causing a public nuisance."

Councillors on the licensing sub-committee will decide whether to revoke the licence on Tuesday at a town hall meeting.