Policeman left in fear of violent women at Islington nightspot

Residents say visitors to XOXO often cause trouble

Residents say visitors to XOXO often cause trouble - Credit: Archant

A mass brawl in which girls allegedly punched and kicked each other before intimidating a police officer has led to a club’s hours being slashed.

The scrap, outside XOXO in Upper Street, Islington, on March 9, was said to involve up to 50 men and women attacking each other. It was just the latest in a long line of incidents, police say.

One officer was attacked and injured trying to subdue rowdy females, while people who live nearby claim to have seen drug-dealing, fights and vomiting, with one saying: “It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed.”

Describing the violence, Pc Peter Conisbee said: “There is no discrimination in the violence between males and females.

“At one point a female can be seen to be punched so hard she falls to the ground. She is then seemingly kicked as punches are exchanged over her body.”

Pc Martin Jones, who tried to break up the trouble, said the crowd appeared “angry” and he saw “several females lashing out at each other”.

He tried to arrest one woman who was swinging her arms and, as she tried to run away, they both ended up on the ground before a group of up to 10 girls allegedly advanced on him.

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Many residents have written to the town hall about the venue.

One said: “I have witnessed fights, drug dealing, noise and general anti-social behaviour. I do not like walking home late at night past XOXO.

“I often feel unsafe and the clientele are rowdy and overly intoxicated and aggressive.”

Another said: “I am convinced it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed.”

However, at least one resident wrote in support of the venue, saying XOXO is a breath of fresh air compared with the previous occupier, adding: “The clientele smile a lot more and are more respective (sic) of the area.”

Gary Poole, ward councillor, said: “This premises have been the source of considerable nuisance to residents for a long period. They have frequently been disturbed and had their sleep broken by fights and uncontrolled patrons of XOXO.”

At the hearing on August 12, the club had its opening hours cut to 11pm during the week and midnight at weekends.

The current designated premises supervisor, Santosh Kholi, was also removed from that position.