Rookie Islington PSCO who waded into blood-soaked scrap given award

PCSO Stellar Anderson and borough commander Gerry Campbell Pic: Dieter Perry

PCSO Stellar Anderson and borough commander Gerry Campbell Pic: Dieter Perry - Credit: Archant

A rookie support officer who waded into a blood-soaked family feud was among those honoured at annual Islington Police Awards on Tuesday.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Stellar Anderson had only been in the job for six weeks when she and her colleague, PCSO George Shippey, received an emergency call to a disturbance in Islington.

They ran to the address and found a scene of carnage; two families involved in a massive fight, a man lying on the floor bleeding heavily and a woman on the rampage brandishing a baseball bat.

Without thinking of their own safety, the pair headed for the heart of the scrap.

PCSO Shippey took down a thug who was trying to attack the bleeding man on the ground, while PCSO Anderson managed to get the baseball bat off the woman before she could hit anyone.

Both officers were commended for their bravery.

PCSO Anderson said: “The call came through on radio and we headed to the scene – it looked like a big family feud.” Weapons were being used and there was blood everywhere.

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“I saw a woman with a massive bit of wood in her hand. She turned around and started shouting – luckily I managed to get it off her.

“Some of them tried to get away in the car, so we took their details and kept the scene safe until the regular officers arrived.

“I wasn’t scared – the training kicks in and you just know what needs to be done. You just want to stop anyone getting hurt.

“It’s really nice to get the award, but it was pretty nerve-wracking getting up in front of all those people.”