‘Examine your conscience’: Scala shooting victim’s parents plead ‘Bring Daniel’s killer to justice’ 14 years on

Daniel Ross

Daniel Ross - Credit: Archant

The grieving parents of a young man shot dead in a King’s Cross nightclub are pleading for anyone who knows who killed him to “examine their conscience” and name them, after 14 years of silence.

Daniel Ross was shot dead on September 24, 2006

Daniel Ross was shot dead on September 24, 2006 - Credit: Archant

Father-of-two Daniel Ross was just 22 when he was shot dead in the middle of the Scala nightclub in Pentonville Road on September 24, 2006.

Witnesses said the killer swaggered on to the dance floor and pulled the trigger at close range, before evading capture by blending in with the 1,000 clubbers who fled the packed venue at 3.45am.

Although the murder was carried out in front of hundreds of people, the gunman is still a free man.

Police are offering a £10,000 reward for the capture of the young father’s killer.

Daniel’s parents said: “We have endured an emotional rollercoaster of anger, grief, pity, despair and, disbelief that people around us refuse to share the information they have about our son’s murderer. “There are no words that could describe the pain we feel for not having Daniel in our lives.

“Our handsome son had natural charisma, he was full of love for his family. We loved him so much.”

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They continued: “Daniel would go the extra mile to help family, friends and other people around him, even strangers.

“We remember not long after his death, a lady who we did not know, told us that while struggling to carry her heavy shopping bags on a Saturday afternoon, she stopped and put the bags down to rest for a while and at that time, saw a car driving past her.

“The car stopped and a pleasant young man came out and offered to carry her shopping and asked whether she had far to go. She told him her home was just a short distance away. Daniel took the bags and walked and chatted with her all the way to her home. She did not know his name at that time, indeed she did not know Daniel nor did he know her.

“When she saw Daniel’s picture in the paper, she told people of his kindness and someone told her where we lived. She came and told us of our son’s kindness and that he was such a lovely young gentleman. That is the essence of our son.”

Daniel’s parents recalled how he had spent the evening before he died with them, and the moment he received the “fateful” call that made him decide to go to the nightclub at 1am.

Nearly three hours later he walked onto the dance floor near the DJ box to tell his “friends” he was leaving when the shots were fired that killed him.

“The 950 plus people at the club ran for their lives, but for our son, running was not an option,” they said. “He couldn’t run. He had been shot. “We thank the very kind young lady who stayed with him, held him and gave him first aid until paramedics arrived.”

Anyone with information is asked contact the incident room on 020 8785 8267, call 101 or Tweet @MetCC.

To remain completely anonymous call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit crimestoppers_uk.org.