Sex harassment man thought female boss was seducing him like Basic Instinct character

An IT expert at the Royal Bank of Scotland harassed his boss because he thought she was propositioning him like Sharon Stone’s character in the film Basic Instinct.

Ricardo Vinagre, 38, of Ingle Mews, Clerkenwell, believed project manager Sonya Reddy had flirted with him, wearing deliberately provocative clothes.

And when Vinagre’s contract was not renewed, he was seen hiding behind pillars outside the offices and made scornful remarks about her to colleagues, City of London Magistrates’ Court heard.

Mrs Reddy, who is six months pregnant, denied ever flirting with Vinagre and said she suffered a panic attack and insomnia because of his behaviour.

She said he sent her a series of internet chat messages and phoned her at work in January when his contract wasn’t renewed.

She continued: “He said it was because he had feelings for me and that he felt I used to flirt with him and be provocative to him in work. He said I used to dress provocatively and wear revealing clothing to try and seduce him.”

Mrs Reddy added: “I told him that I felt it was completely inappropriate he would ring me up in the workplace and say things like that. I asked him not to contact me or anyone I worked with again.”

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But he continued to contact former colleagues with false allegations including Mrs Reddy having an affair with a manager.

Vinagre, now on a �600-a-day contract with Fidelity Investments, said Mrs Reddy had acted like “something out of a Sharon Stone movie” at a meeting in November.

Vinagre denied harassment but was found guilty following a one-day trial. He was sentenced to a two year conditional discharge and restraining order banning him from contacting Mrs Reddy. He was ordered to pay her �250 compensation and contribute �125 towards court costs.