Smart solution to crime worries

BURGLARY victims in Islington are being offered an innovative crime prevention kit, as part of a police crackdown on residential crime in the borough. Smart Water detection kits, used to invisibly mark valuable property, are being offered to burglary victims and vulnerable people free of charge.

Police use UV lighting to detect any stolen property that has been marked with the Smart Water during a search of any suspected offenders. Any offenders who have come into contact with the Smart Water will also have traces of the substance on their person.

Detective Inspector Trevor Borley, head of Islington Burglary Squad, said: “Property marking makes it difficult for burglars to steal and sell your property which in turn means they are less likely to burgle you. It also means we can return recovered stolen property to the rightful owners.”

Officers will also be targeting second hand and cash converter type premises for stolen property marked with the invisible identification system and will be arming premises with the detection system which leaves the invisible spray on offenders.

Smart Water kits can be purchased at a discounted rate from local Safer Neighbourhoods teams.