Snake found in Newington Green bin

A rogue snake hiding in a bin gave someone a nasty shock when they tried to throw their rubbish away.

The two and a half foot serpent was curled up in a recepticle on the Mayville Estate, Newington Green, so the stunned resident called the animal welfare team.

No one claimed the red and brown reptile, a docile corn snake, so it was rehoused.

It’s one of a number of unusual animals dealt with by council officers since they took on responsibility for escaped animals in Islington.


A parrot and two chinchillas were also rescued, along with 165 stray dogs - 76 of which were claimed and 73 found new homes.

Councillor Paul Smith, Islington Council’s executive member for environment, said: “Usually reports of stray animals are dogs and cats, but occasionally it is something a bit more exotic, and our animal welfare team are just as happy dealing with snakes as well.”

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A second animal welfare officer has been hired to keep on top of Islington’s missing menagerie.

To report an abandoned animal call 0207 527 3222 or email

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