Thieves arrange to view expensive Audi then speed off in it

A PAIR of crooks pretended to be interested in buying a high performance sports car - then jumped in and drove off in the Audi S3 hatchback while the owner was distracted.

The thieves contacted the victim - a woman in her 40s - after she advertised the sale of her car over the internet. They arranged to meet her a in Mildmay Grove South, Newington Green, and at first they seemed genuine.

They asked to do a few checks on the car, which is silver and has a 52 number plate, but with the keys in the ignition as the owner stood on the kerb they saw their chance to strike.

In a matter of seconds they had jumped into the car and sped away, leaving their victim without her car or any cash for it.

The theft happened at around 8.50pm on September 14, but six weeks on the car is still missing and the woman has now helped police draw up e-fits of the suspects, who were both Asian men with London accents.

The first was 5ft 7ins tall, slim, and aged 20 to 25. He had short hair and was wearing a quilted smart jacket.

The second was around the same height with short brown hair. He was wearing a slim dark jacket and black rimmed glasses. He told the victim that his name was Jason and that he was from Muswell Hill.

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- Anyone with information on the identity of the two suspects or the whereabouts of the car should contact Detective Constable James Howarth on 020 7421 0150 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.