This week 60 years ago: Bungling burglar breaks into wrong shop

Islington Gazette: July 12, 1957

Islington Gazette: July 12, 1957 - Credit: Archant

A docker was remanded in custody after he was caught breaking into a shop. And his pain was made even worse when he realised he had broken into the wrong one.

The man, of York Way Court, King’s Cross, broke into a unit in 54, York Way.

But Pc Alexander Watt, the cop who caught him, explained to Clerkenwell Magistrates’ Court: “I asked him where he had broken in, and he said: ‘I meant to do Simpson’s the jewellers, but I chose the wrong door. You’ll find the poker I used by the kerb outside.’”

The constable added: “I asked him if he had taken anything, and he said: ‘No, not a thing.’ I told him he would be arrested, and he said: ‘I was always unlucky.’”

Meanwhile, there was a “spreading wave” of juveniles joy-riding in “borrowed cars”.

Hugh Parsons, chairman of North London Juvenile Court, said: “Far too many boys under age are taking vehicles. We have one or two cases every day.”