Thug threatened party goers with “Rambo” knife on Holloway estate

Ky-Shan Muir, 18, known as "Rambo Haze" by associates, was sentenced to 51 months in a young offende

Ky-Shan Muir, 18, known as "Rambo Haze" by associates, was sentenced to 51 months in a young offenders prison - Credit: Archant

A violent thug who rapped about robbing and stabbing people at parties has been jailed for four years for his part in a disturbance at a Holloway estate.

Ky-Shan Muir, dubbed “Rambo Haze” by his associates for his obsession with large hunting knives and machetes, was part of a group of about 60 that crashed a 16th birthday party on the Andover Estate in February – where at 15-year-old was stabbed.

Muir, 18, had been in possession of a large “Rambo-style” knife when he was challenged by the victim who was defending his friend at the party attended by nearly 400 people at the Andover Community Centre, Corker Walk.

The victim was then dragged along the ground by a group outside the centre and stabbed in the thigh.

Muir who was living at the YMCA in Stockwell, was sentenced to 51 months in a Young Offenders Institute at Blackfriars Crown Court on Thursday after being found guilty of violent disorder and pleading guilty to threatening a person with a bladed article.

Det Con John Vinten, from Islington CID, said: “Muir was attributed to three separate deliveries of very large hunting style knives and machetes bought from the internet.

“Muir also had a number of photos of himself and others posing with these large knives and had been dubbed by associates as ‘Rambo Haze’.

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“The photos betrayed his curiosity for violence as some of the photos depicted various stab wounds of other unknown individuals.

“In addition to the knife deliveries there was open source material and violent rap lyrics composed by Muir himself found on his phone. These lyrics all revolved around robbing and stabbing people at parties and bore a stark comparison to events that transpired during this party in the half term period of February 2014.”

Officers swarmed the estate on the evening of the attack and found the victim lying on a table bleeding heavily.

Police say back-up had to be called in to provide protection to officers giving first aid, as the crowd of youths at the party was “hostile” towards police and were obstructing their actions.

“I hope that the sentences imposed by the court act as a deterrent for any young person in, or on the periphery of, a gang who carries a knives and is intent on violence,” said Det Con Vinten.

“I would like to thank all those young witnesses who attended court to give their evidence, despite clearly being in fear of doing so and without whom these convictions would not have been possible.”