Highbury and Islington station stabbing: Woman sentenced to nine years for ‘horrific steak knife attack’

Ross Fagan was stabbed three times with a "steak knife" outside Highbury and Islington Station. And

Ross Fagan was stabbed three times with a "steak knife" outside Highbury and Islington Station. And he claims the attacker 'tried to kill' his girlfriend Nathalie O'Connell (left). Picture: Ross Fagan - Credit: Archant

The victim of a horrific steak knife attack outside Highbury and Islington Station has spoken of his relief after the woman who stabbed him three times was jailed.

Tina Baillie, 50, of Stavordale Road, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and having an article with a pointed blade at Blackfriars Crown Court and was sentenced to nine years in jail last month.

This came after she attacked Ross Fagan, 40, of Holloway Road, and “tried to kill” his girlfriend Natalie O’Connell, 30, in the forecourt late on April 7.

Baillie was charged with grievous bodily harm with intent and threatening a person with an offensive weapon the next day.

Ross, who knew the attacker as an acquaintance, told the Gazette: “I thought she punched me in the chest but she had stabbed me and it punctured my lung.

“I stepped back into the ticket hall and still didn’t see the knife at this point. She lunged at me but I side-stepped her and she fell to the floor.

“As I was trying to walk away she ‘punched’ me in the back.”

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It was then that he noticed Baillie was stabbing him with a “steak knife”.

“I pulled up my shirt and could see blood squirting out,” he said. “My girlfriend saw the blood and she was hysterical.”

He said the attacker then chased Natalie and cornered her outside the Famous Cock pub.

“I ran over and tried to stop her,” he said. “That was when she stabbed me in the arm. She was like a crazed woman.

“I’ve never seen so much malice in someone’s face.”

Ross says people had stopped to film the incident and Baillie lashed out at a bystander videoing her before fleeing. She was arrested close to the scene.

Ross said he was fortunate because he suffers from a deep vein thrombosis, meaning he must take the blood thinning agent warfarin, which stops blood from clotting. But he hadn’t that day.

He claims the attacker has been “jealous of his girlfriend” and had a number of confrontations with them both leading up to the attack.

“Before it happened I was lucky to not really notice things, said Ross. “But now when someone gets close to me I think ‘hang on, something could happen hear quite easily’. It’s made me more nervous.”

James Bolton Smith, of the CPS, said: “Tina Baillie admitted her guilt after the prosecution presented strong evidence, including CCTV and eye witness accounts, showing she stabbed her victim three times in the chest.”