TV wildlife expert Safari Pete ‘kicked man’s head like a football’ outside Highbury pub

TELEVISION wildlife expert Safari Pete wept today as a judge told him he would walk free despite kicking a man’s head “like a football” in a bar brawl.

Peter Prodromou, 28, who appears on Paul O’Grady’s Channel 4 talk show, left 53-year-old Alan Britton with “multiple facial fractures” in the attack.

Prodromou admitted going over the top after Mr Britton started the fight outside the Highbury Barn pub in Highbury.

Mr Britton, who had been boozing all afternoon, also ruptured his thigh muscle in the incident.

Witnesses described the victim running out of the pub with his “fists up” shouting “I’ll have it with you” and “come and take me on”, Blackfriars Crown Court heard.

Prodromou felled Mr Britton with one punch causing the victim to hurt his leg during the fracas on June 10 last year.

Patrick Mullen, prosecuting, said the animal expert then booted him in the side of the face.

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Referring to the account of one witness, the barrister said: “It was as if he was kicking a football very forcefully”.

The prosecutor added: “He sustained multiple fractures to the face and scuffmarks on his cheeks”.

Prodromou was said to have become “immediately upset” after realising he had “gone too far”.

He was due to stand trial today but changed his plea to guilty after Judge Deva Pillay indicated he would not have to jail him.

The judge said: “I am prepared to indicate should he plead guilty on a full-facts basis and provided it’s done today, it would not result in immediate custody”.

Dafna Spiro, defending, said Prodromou had been involved in a “silly dispute” with the pub landlord and another man earlier that day.

The argument had “nothing to do” with Britton and “had been resolved” when he got involved.

Mr Spiro said: “The defendant accepts that he may have overreacted in kicking Britton, such action being reckless”.

Prodromou, of Stradbroke Road, Stoke Newington, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm.

He denied causing grievous bodily harm with intent which the prosecution asked to lie on the court file.

The judge allowed him bail ahead of sentence on condition he does not go within 500 yards of the pub or contact two named witnesses including the victim.