Two robbers jailed for mugging cyclist in De Beauvoir

Sentencing follows a spate of attacks in leafy Hackney streets

Two men have been jailed for mugging a cyclist in a leafy stretch of road in De Beauvoir.

Jamie Johnson and Aaron Onabanjo, both 20 and of Kingsland Road, Dalston, attacked a man on September 20 last year, in St Peters Way, which runs between Kingsland Road and De Beauvoir Square.

They knocked him off his bicycle and attempted to steal his possessions. But the man managed to escape.

The attack followed a spate of muggings on lone cyclists on the border between Hackney and Islington last year.

Police increased patrols of both covert and uniformed officers in the area as a result.

They say they have seen a marked decrease in offences since the arrest of Johnson and Onabanjo.

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Both were sentenced to two years imprisonment at Snaresbrook Crown Court on January 11 after pleading guilty to attempted robbery.

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