University’s Islamic society apologises after offensive Lee Rigby “hoax” web post

London Metropolitan University, in Holloway Road

London Metropolitan University, in Holloway Road - Credit: Archant

A university’s Islamic society has apologised after an offensive video proclaiming Lee Rigby’s slaying a hoax was promoted on its Facebook page for more than a week.

OFFENSIVE: The clip suggests events surrounding Lee Rigby's death were fake

OFFENSIVE: The clip suggests events surrounding Lee Rigby's death were fake - Credit: Archant

Hours after Drummer Rugby was stabbed to death a six-minute video titled “Woolwich false flag bullsh*t – Masses are in a state-sponsored trance” appeared on the social media page of the society at Holloway’s London Metropolitan University.

The clip pictures the soldier’s alleged killer – Michael Adebolajo – without blood on his hands and brands police “freemasons”.


Another video was posted the day after Mr Rigby’s death featuring a speech by an extremist preacher who has previously labelled non-Muslims “evil” while reportedly praising the Taliban.

The video about Lee Rigby’s killing remained on the Facebook page for more than a week.

A students’ union spokesman said: “London Metropolitan Students’ Union (SU), and its Islamic Society, would like to make it clear that the views represented on the YouTube videos do not represent the views of the Union or its Islamic Society.

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“The SU and Islamic Society understand that these videos were not produced, edited or posted to YouTube by members of the Islamic Society.

“Links were, however, posted on its Facebook site by an individual user and we apologise for the offence this has caused. The Union and its Islamic Society condemn the events in Woolwich in the strongest possible terms.”

Neither the SU nor the university were able to confirm whether the video was posted to the Facebook page by a student.

The Lee Rigby clip was edited with offensive subtitles asking: “Where is the blood on his hands seen on most other videos?”

After describing a policeman at the scene of the killing as “masonic”, there were a number of highly offensive subtitles added.

The second video shows a speech by Riyadh Ul-Haq, a Leicester-based preacher who reportedly supported the Taliban in 2000 by stating they were the only people “establishing the Sharia and the law of Allah”.

A university spokesman said: “Views expressed by individual students or societies, including on social media, do not represent those of the university.”