Vigilante posters in Finsbury Park mugging hot spot

�A mugging victim has launched a vigilante poster campaign describing the robber and branding him a coward.

The leaflets sprang up around Clifton Terrace, near the northern exit of Finsbury Park Station, last week in response to an incident on October 20.

It reads: “To the coward who mugged me last night; you think I made it hard for you? Karma is a bigger b**ch than me” and then gives a description of the attacker to warn others.

Leo Hornack, who lives in the area, saw the posters and thinks they have made residents more wary of the problems.

He said: “Late one night I was leaving the station and heard shouting.

“Because I had seen the posters I thought it might be something dodgy so I headed down Charteris Road and saw a girl surrounded by four guys. By the time I got there they had gone.

“The girl was very shook up, she said they had mugged her but hadn’t got her phone. I took her to the World’s End pub and calmed her down. One of the staff members said he had heard screaming another night.

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“It makes you wonder if the gang are there every night.”

Finsbury Park and Tollington wards, either side of the station, have seen 62 robberies and 36 snatches in the last six months.

Police are looking for any witnesses to the October 20 theft.

The suspect is a dark skinned black man, 5 ft 7ins in height, and has a stocky, muscular build with very strong shoulders. He may have had an African accent and was wearing dark trousers and a jacket.

Anyone with information should call Islington CID on 0207 421 0368 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.