Woman arrested after policeman attacked in Highbury school

A woman was arrested after assualting a police officer at Highbury Grove School this morning Pic: Go

A woman was arrested after assualting a police officer at Highbury Grove School this morning Pic: Google - Credit: Archant

Witness describes suspect being taken away by 12 officers - victim in hospital - children ‘never at risk’

A woman has been arrested after a policeman was attacked at a Highbury school this morning.

The assault took place in Highbury Grove School at around 8:20am.

Four police cars and a riot van raced to the school, in Highbury Grove, and a suspect was led away by up to 12 officers, a witness said.

Pupils were sent to an alternative entrance while the arrest was made.

The suspect is being held on suspicion of GBH while the policeman is in hospital with an injured hand.

A witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, said; “Early this morning at around 8.30am around four or five police cars pulled up outside Highbury Grove School with about 12 officers.

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“Pupils were being sent around to side entrance in Grosvenor Avenue to enter the school and a short while later a female was brought out escorted by around 12 officers holding her bent forwards.

“She was put into a police van and taken away. No idea what this was about just looked a serious issue at a school.”

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said they were originally called to a disturbance in Highbury New Park.

He added: “Police in Islington arrested a woman...on suspicion of GBH after she assaulted an attending police officer.

“She has been taken to a north London police station for questioning.

“The male officer has been taken to hospital for treatment of a hand injury.”

Tom Sherrington, head teacher at the school said; “Somebody who was not supposed to be on the premises turned up so we called the police. They came and arrested her.

“They came quickly and acted very well. They got her off site very quickly.

“She couldn’t get access to the main building and there was never any risk to the children at the school.

“Lessons are continuing as normal.”