Woman ‘raped on her sofa after night out in Finsbury Park’

Blackfriars Crown Court. Picture: PA Wire/PA Images

Blackfriars Crown Court. Picture: PA Wire/PA Images - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

A Finsbury Park man raped a woman in her sleep before his co-accused kicked her in the back, a court heard.

The alleged rape happened on the woman’s sofa in her house, also in Finsbury Park.

Blackfriars Crown Court was told that in the early hours of November 7 last year, she fell asleep after a night drinking and taking drugs with a female friend and the two defendants: Calvin Hope and Daniel Hudson.

She woke up to find Mr Hope, 33, of Coleridge Road, raping her, prosecutor Jonathan Davies said.

The court heard that earlier, she had consensual sex with Mr Hudson, 29, of Marlborough Road, Archway.

When she saw him standing outside her house after the alleged rape, she confronted him.

Mr Hudson then kicked her as she walked back through her front door, the court heard.

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Mr Hope denies one charge of rape and one of attempted rape.

Mr Hudson denies one count of assault by beating and another of witness intimidation.

Opening the trial yesterday, Mr Davies said the woman and her friend went to The Silver Bullet nightclub in Finsbury Park. They met the two men outside.

He said: “They went back to her house. They smoked cannabis and she used a tiny line of cocaine.”

Mr Hope had sustained a gash to his face during an incident earlier that night, so the group went to Whittington Hospital.

Afterwards, the woman’s friend and Mr Hope went home.

“By now it was 5am,” Mr Davies told the court.

“She and Daniel Hudson had sex on her sofa. She’s clear that despite being woozy and intoxicated, she consented.

“Soon after that she changed her clothing and fell asleep on the sofa. By then, she thought no one was in her house.

“Next thing, she felt tugging on her shorts.”

Mr Davies said she found Mr Hope was lying over her and raping her.

“She describes being absolutely horrified. He moved and she says he was just sitting there, shaking. He said nothing.

“She then saw Mr Hudson outside. She thought he had allowed this to happen.”

Mr Hope said she went outside, pushed Mr Hudson and he swore at her. Mr Hope, meanwhile, disappeared.

Mr Davies continued: “As she went through the front door he aimed a flying kick to the middle of her back which sent her sprawling.

“We say that was a violent act without justification.

“There was a call to police and it’s clear she considered the two defendants were in this together. That may be so, but is not what the prosecution is setting out to prove.

“She contacted Mr Hudson. His response was to ask her why she was ‘snitching’.

“He repeated it and then used the phrase ‘snitches mean stitches’, before ending the call.

“The threat was obvious. Later that evening, Mr Hudson was seen outside her home, before speeding away.”

The trial continues.