Woman who discovered Finsbury Park ‘bomb’ speaks of panic

The Finsbury Park resident who found a suspected Second World War bomb has spoken of the panic that ensued on Monday morning.

The rocket-like device in Somerfield Road led to police closing the street, and parts of Wilberforce Road, from around 10.45am.

Residents were kept out of their homes for an hour.

Camilla Hawes, 23, a receptionist, lives in the house where the bomb turned up. She said: “It was about half a metre tall and looked like a rocket, but it had a lead tip that worried me.

“My housemates disturbed it when they were cleaning the garden for a barbecue. We were all joking about it, then I called my dad and he said it was no laughing matter. I was a bit concerned after that.

“The next morning, I phoned the police and they were round like a shot. I was at work and they told me if nobody was home they would break the door down. My housemates were home, but I think they were upset with me because the police got them out of bed.

“They took it away but I hope they give it back – we might be able to sell it to a museum.”

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A police spokesman said: “It was found in the back garden of a resident’s property and removed by explosives officers who confirmed it was not live.”

The mysterious cylindrical object was a “practice bomb”, police said.