Cuts will hurt

Of course Islington Pensioners’ Forum is extremely concerned regarding the “cuts” budget report (Gazette, December 9). Our understanding, however, is that it is the standard practice of councils when setting budgets to ask their officers to look at all options.

Nothing unusual about that except that the results of the government “cuts”, which I believe are quite massive, does cause concern as to where the council will apply its albeit limited options – and how they will impact on the most vulnerable pensioner members of our community.

I personally do find it rather amusing that there are people who still consider “hanging floral baskets” and the council magazine Islington Life as major issues.

It would be interesting to hear what their views are on this concerted attack on the welfare state by the coalition government – particularly the Tax Payers Alliance which seems to be very quiet on these issues.

Would they recommend a cut in meals on wheels or home helps for the elderly? Come on, speak up – are you for or against this government’s attack on the welfare state and pensioners. – John Worker, secretary, Islington Pensioners Forum, via e-mail.