Dangerous residents placed on Islington Council violence list

A register has listed 81 people considered aggressive or dangerous in order to restrict their contact with council employees.

The town hall says the Potentially Violent Person’s (PVP) list is used to help protect the health and safety of its staff.

Council officers can request a person be included on the database if they have caused serious bodily harm, have threatened or used a weapon of used abuse or language or intimidating behaviour.

The council’s authorising officer will then carry out an investigation to decide whether a person should be placed on the list.

Those considered dangerous to staff will receive a notification letter explaining their inclusion on the PVP database and detailing possible sanctions, including a restricted or discontinued service or prosecution for repeat offences.

A spokesman for Islington Council said: “We have a legal duty to staff and contractors to ensure their safety at work (this includes identifying aggressive individuals).

“Collection of this information must be relevant and up to date and for a specific purpose e.g. staff safety. We are also legally bound by data protection to keep our list secure and with restricted access.

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“Use of this information is made only when fully justified. Residents can ask to see what information is being held about them by local councils.”