‘Dangerous’ road sign on Holloway Road tells people to look away from on-rushing traffic as they cross

The 'dangerous' road marking on Holloway Road

The 'dangerous' road marking on Holloway Road - Credit: Archant

A new sign painted on to one of London’s busiest roads tells pedestrians to look away from onrushing traffic as they cross.

The ‘Look Right’ marking appeared on Holloway Road, a bustling dual carriageway in Holloway where cars race along at 30mph, yesterday morning on a pedestrian crossing and witnesses say its only a matter of time before someone is killed.

Gina Turner, who works in REW, an electrical wholesalers near the crossing at the junction with Tufnell Park Road, said: “I went out yesterday morning and as I crossed I thought ‘oh they’ve repainted the road’.

“Then I looked again and I couldn’t believe it - I thought I was seeing things.

“Someone’s going to be looking right and get knocked down and killed. I’ve already heard car horns going off and seen people having to jump back out of the road.

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“It’s really dangerous, What if someone elderly was looking down, walked out and got squashed?

“The arrow points one way, and the writing says the other. Do they not know left from their right?

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“They’re idiots, absolute idiots. Its very concerning.

”You read about these thing but you never think they’ll happen outside your door.”

Graham Lawton, who lives in nearby Eburne Road, said: “I was flabbergasted when I noticed it yesterday. It’s stupid and dangerous. I cross this road regularly, but more importantly my children cross it on the way to school which makes me nervous.

“I hope they have sorted by the time the school holidays are over.”

Mr Lawton informed and informed Cllr Barry Edwards, Mayor of Islington and Holloway ward councillor.

Cllr Edwards replied: “Our highways people have now alerted their TfL colleagues to this but, based on previous experience, TfL are not very fast at responding to issues.”

After being alerted to the signage, TfL removed the it late yesterday.

Dana Skelley, director of roads at TfL, said: “These road markings are clearly incorrect and will be removed and replaced by our highway contractor this evening (August 8). We apologise for this unacceptable mistake and will work with our contractors to ensure that this type of mistake does not happen again.”

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