Danielle Maragh: Stroud Green teen died after falling from window in tragic accident while playing with sister, coroner rules

Danielle Maragh died after falling from a fourth-storey window at her home in Ashley Road. Picture:

Danielle Maragh died after falling from a fourth-storey window at her home in Ashley Road. Picture: Deborah Maragh - Credit: Archant

A “happy-go-lucky teenager” who attended Islington Arts and Media school fell from her fourth-storey bedroom window and died in a horrific accident, a coroner today ruled.

St Pancras Coroner’s Court heard how Danielle Maragh, who was 17, fell four floors and landed on her head after climbing out of a skylight window at her home in Ashley Road, Stroud Green, on April 9.

The coroner Mary Hassell heard how Danielle and her younger sister, who shared a bedroom, used to play a game where they hid each other’s mobile phones.

“It seems to me that Danielle was playing a prank on her sister that went wrong,” said Ms Hassell. “Such an innocent joke that she was trying to play and it just had the most awful consequences.”

She added: “In terms of a determination I have no hesitation in saying that this was an accident.”

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The court had earlier heard a written statement from police constable Brian Simmonds, who led a search of the house’s roof on the Saturday after Danielle fell and died. Her youngster sister’s iPhone 7 was discovered.

A statement was read out on behalf on Danielle’s sister, where she described sitting on the bed with Danielle the night she died.

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The girl, who said she and her sister used to “play tricks on each other”, said she had left her phone on the pillow before going downstairs.

Danielle’s father, Charles, said: “She was always happy and doing stuff. She was really into graphic design and never missed a day of school, always had friends around her – just a normal teenager, really.”

Asked how Danielle was behaving on the evening she died, Mr Maragh said: “That day she was quite excited because she had just sent off for her provisional [driving] licence.

“She didn’t even want to come out with us to lunch because she wanted to stay at home studying her theory test.”

Asked what happened when Danielle fell, Mr Maragh said: “I just heard some tumbling above me on the ceiling and then my window smashed and I looked out and saw her on the floor.

“I just ran down ran down the stairs and she was lying there.”

Danielle’s cause of death was a severe traumatic head injury, according to Dr Liina Palm – a consultant pathologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, who carried out a post mortem at the Whittington Hospital.

Toxicology tests found no traces of drugs or alcohol in her system and her GP, Dr Susan Salking, of the Rise Group Practice, said: “{She had] no record of any mental health problems or suicidal thoughts.”

Danielle’s aunt Deborah Maragh gave a statement on April 12, which was read out in court. She said: “I would describe Danielle as a normal, happy-go-lucky teenager – she was planning her 18th birthday.

“If she had a problem she couldn’t take to her dad she could always come to me.”

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