'Walking is the most pleasurable way to reach museums and galleries'

St Mark's, Mydellton Square from Lloyd Baker Street

You see wonderful things if you look up as you walk like St Mark's, Mydellton Square from Lloyd Baker Street - Credit: David Harrison

This week museums and indoor hospitality venues are reopening. With holidays abroad still problematic, and with half-term holidays in sight, many will be planning to visit houses and galleries.

Whether you are interested in food and drink, science or history, or prefer art, sculpture and the rich decor of fine houses, it will be wonderful to explore these without resorting to online tours anymore. Islington has impressive local museums. Some families will no doubt want to venture into central London to scrutinise Egyptian mummies, study wild life or make scientific discoveries.

David Harrison says shops will benefit from People Friendly Streets.

David Harrison wants more 'parklets' created - Credit: David Harrison

Wherever you go, don’t forget that the journey should be part of the fun, not just a tedious trial. Walking from home or a station is often the quickest and most pleasurable way to reach these destinations. There is no need to queue for a bus, and many want to avoid the increasingly crowded public transport as much as possible.

Select streets which are a pleasure to walk along. There are plenty in our borough and in inner London which are lined with planters and trees where you can avoid the smells and noise of heavy vehicles. And many have become even better this year thanks to the People Friendly Streets programme. You will be able to stroll by trees and planters, stop off at a cafe, or pause in a leafy square. 

Remember to consult the London Footways Map: footways.london/

Have a grand day out!