Disabled’s heritage contribution to Islington recognised by exhibition

The contribution disabled people have made to Islington’s history will be honoured in a new exhibition announced on Monday.

The project, to be shown at Islington Museum, in St John Street, Finsbury, was unveiled to commemorate International Day of Disabled People (IDDP).

Representatives from Disability Action in Islington and Islington Disabled People Against Cuts joined disabled writer Penny Pepper and resident Edward Richards, along with councillors, to mark the occasion.

Rahel Geffen, chief executive of Disability Action in Islington, said: “While this day is for celebrating disabled people in all their diversity, talents and contributions to society, we must also remind everyone that they are currently under attack from government reforms.

“This threatens to strip disabled people of all the gains achieved by 40 years of a social and political disability movement that has brought about advances in independent living and civil rights.

“But it has also galvanised a new generation of disabled people to organise and campaign for their right to maintain choice, control and independence.

“So this is another cause for celebration today.”

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A special event will be held at the Town Hall on January 15 to mark IDDP, featuring performances from Penny Pepper and blind sitarist Baluji Shrivastav.