Do I tell him I might not be able to have kids?

I’m 32, divorced, and very recently met a guy I truly could live the rest of my life with. But he keeps talking about having babies.

I have endometriosis. It’s not easy to live with. I’ve had treatments for it, but nothing seems to work. I’ve been told that my chances of child-bearing are limited. This is why my husband left me.

Do I tell my new man?

Barbara says: Endometriosis is a gynaecological problem which can give rise to pelvic pain, painful periods, and sometimes infertility. Cells from inside the womb travel to surrounding tissues, and spread any womb-like symptoms further afield, sometimes to the whole reproductive system. But it’s not a death sentence for fertility.

If you and this guy really do get closer, then you both need to have a session with a gynaecologist who’ll explain it, and suggest remedies. But please, don’t let the fact that your husband left you justify your fears about possible pregnancy.

And as an afterthought, a man you’ve only recently met is talking relentlessly about wanting to be a father. Why? Don’t you think he may have some issues, too? You both sound pretty desperate.