Does finger research mean I’m gay?

My girlfriend has done some research into the length of fingers, and she says I’m not a real man because my third (ring) finger is longer than my first (index) finger, and that means I’m a closet gay.

She says that in real men the index finger is always longer than the ring finger and that everything proves that.

I think she’s just jealous because I’m a successful fashion student, and she isn’t. So I must be gay, eh? I’m not.

Barbara says: I hope you’re no longer together? If you’re still seeing her, get out. It’s professional jealousy.

Yes, there is some evidence that index finger to ring finger (2D: 4D as they call it) may be an item in how much testosterone (male hormone) you got in the womb. Is it important? Check it out on Google.

In my own case, the size of both fingers is equal, as, I suspect, it is for most of us. Or maybe not. But does it matter?