Dog owners are not criminals!

Why is Islington Council looking to persecute responsible tenants who own more than one dog? If it is to stop the breeding and ownership of “status” dogs (as it says) why not target them? Also does this new proposal take into account the size of dog? Is one mastiff equal to four toy breeds etc. Or it is that unfair that breed and size do not matter?

Why does the council not set up a dog register, where all dogs have to be neutered and chipped, can then be registered. Then those those own “status” dogs and are breeding them, or those who do not register their dogs can be prosecuted by the council and have whatever dogs taken from them.

The council should remember that 99 per cent of dog owners are responsible owners, who are also voters and that their dogs are not only animals but loved ones.

Tenants who own more than one dog are all being tarred with the same brush as a small minority. I guess its easier and less work to just make all dog owners criminals than to find the people who are really the criminals and anti-social element. – X. Keane, Clerkenwell, via e-mail.