Dover Court Estate demolition halted as strong wind whips brick and glass dust onto balconies

The mountain of rubble at Dover Court

The mountain of rubble at Dover Court - Credit: Archant

Contractors were forced to halt demolition works on the Dover Court estate in Canonbury after strong winds whipped dust from crushed bricks and glass onto neighbours’ balconies.

One man living in Nightingale House told the Gazette children’s eyes had been itching all week as a result of the works by Lovell, part of a plan to build 50 new council homes.

A town hall spokesman said: “We have spoken to our contractor, following concerns from residents about dust at Dover Court. Our contractor temporarily halted crushing work on Monday because a strong wind was causing dust to escape. Today they are cleaning areas where the dust had settled, including some balconies.”

“Additional measures” will be taken before any more crushing is done, he added. None of the dust contained asbestos.