Drug dens closed across Islington

A police team set up to combat anti-social behaviour has closed down seven properties for drug offences.

The Police Neighbourhood Support Team was formed in August and has swooped on more than half a dozen addresses suspected of housing drug crimes.

Homes in Mitford Road, Upper Holloway, Margery Street and Gee Street, Finsbury, Yonge Park, Finsbury Park and Dalmeny Avenue, Roth Walk and Berriman Road, Holloway, were all shut down after the team obtained drug closure orders against them.

In each case the team, made up of eight Pcs and a sergeant and part-funded by the council, were helped by residents taking a stand against the anti-social behaviour – including making diaries and court statements.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Things had been terrible for a long time, with lots of fights and noise at all times of the day and night.

“Since the tenant has moved on the area has been quieter and we all feel much safer.

“If there are other residents in a similar position there are people in the borough that you can talk to, don’t be scared to put yourself forward.”

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Last week, the Gazette revealed council plans to have one phone number for all residents to report any kind of antisocial behaviour, which will be rolled out in April.

Until then, anyone suffering from anti-social behaviour can visit www.islington.gov.uk/safer or call 020 7527 2000 for more information.