‘My kids are petrified’: Residential break-ins and smack on the stairs linked to nearby Holloway Morrisons

Morrisons at Nag's Head. Picture: CHRISTOPHER FROOME

Morrisons at Nag's Head. Picture: CHRISTOPHER FROOME - Credit: Christopher Froome

A father says people keep breaking into his block of flats to take heroin – and he claims they’re connected to ongoing anti-social behaviour issues at the Holloway Morrisons.

Craphole - Morrison's Holloway

Craphole - Morrison's Holloway - Credit: Christopher Froome

The father, who has requested anonymity out of fear for his young family, claims intruders have been soliciting prostitution, injecting smack on his stairwell and that they also tried to force entry into a pregnant woman’s flat.

His comments come after the Gazette revealed drug users have occupied two stairwells leading out from the emergency exit at the Holloway Morrisons, in Hertslet Road.

He said: “I used to live on Caledonian Road and I thought that was rough but it’s nothing on this part of Holloway – it’s horrible.

“My kids are petrified whenever they hear a sound – It’s a nightmare and when my daughter finishes school we’re gone because we can’t take it any more.”

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The man explained the problems at the flats, in Axminster Road, have been going on for nine months.

He said: “People keep ringing the buzzers at all hours and breaking into the flats – I even found two men on our stairs about to shoot up when I was with my daughter, so I threw them out.

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“Another time I heard shouting on the ground floor and two men were banging on a pregnant woman’s door – they were threatening her and she was terrified.”

The father added a sanitation problem could also develop in the flats, which are run by The Peabody Trust, because some people are too afraid to take their rubbish to the communal bins.

“They’re frightened they might find men on drugs down there,” he said. “And a couple of guys I recognise from Morrisons came to this area recently soliciting prostitution at six in the morning.

“Bennett Court has people shooting up in the doorways and many are the same faces I see coming out of the stairwell at Morrisons.

“It’s crazy and people are getting really fed up.”

Cllr Gary Heather (Lab, Stroud Green) said; “It’s an enormous problem going on in a lot of places in the area and it’s really upsetting for everyone.

“The residents are extremely concerned about this and they are anxious for the police to stop it happening.”

A spokesperson for Morrisons said: “We have a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour in and around our stores and are continuing to work with the local police to find solutions to the problems.”

The Peabody Trust have been approached for comment.

Have you experienced anti-social behaviour while shopping at this Morrisons? Contact Lucas Cumiskey at the Gazette news desk on: lucas.cumiskey@archant.co.uk or 07785 616244

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