Eco friends create buzz about bees in Islington

Islington Friends of the Earth donned yellow and black stripes to create a buzz about bees at one of Islington’s busiest markets.

They took a stall to Chapel Market on Sunday to raise awareness of the imminent danger posed by a declining bee population.They urged residents to help by sowing bee-friendly plants and signing a petition calling for PM David Cameron to act.

Danielle Adam, 26, of Hornsey Lane, Archway, said: “We were really pleased by how many people signed the petition demanding the government to take action and that so many people were interested in the cause.

“We need to raise awareness because bees are so important – they polinate most of our crops, but their numbers have been falling dramatically in recent years.

“If we don’t act now, we could get to a stage where we have to polinate plants by hand.”