Editor’s comment: Please join us for a little bit of democracy


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People who pay forensic attention to newspaper design might have spotted that we’ve had a small clean-up.

We aren’t the only ones freshening things up. On June 8, Islington’s two parliamentary constituencies – and, of course, all the others in the country – will be choosing their MP for (up to) the next five years. Whether the incumbents return with renewed mandates or someone else moves in is up to you.

With all the caveats, and there are a lot, this is a chance to decide who represents us and who we want to run the country. First-past-the-post democracy is undeniably flawed, but it’s the only tool we have – this time, at least.

One problem is that people aren’t always that well informed. The Gazette is hoping to inject a few more facts into the Islington South and Finsbury campaign by holding a hustings on Sunday evening. As well as running the night, we’ll be covering proceedings for those who can’t make it, or don’t fit into St Mary’s Church. With a following wind, readers and voters will come away knowing more about what the candidates stand for – and what they can and can’t actually achieve.

Perhaps we’re unlikely to attract loads of people who haven’t already made their minds up; that’s where the rest of you come in. If you know someone who’s considering not voting, or really is undecided, please encourage them to come along.

It’s disappointing we haven’t yet managed to organise a hustings for Islington North, and this isn’t for want of trying.

But please join us on Sunday. I’d like to extend my thanks to the candidates for agreeing to come, especially those who are also busy with national campaigning. I’m looking forward to a lively debate – and perhaps meeting some of you afterwards!

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