Editorial comment: Plenty of rich people could help survivors

Members and supporters of Islington Survivors' Network outside Islington Town Hal.. Picture: RAMZY A

Members and supporters of Islington Survivors' Network outside Islington Town Hal.. Picture: RAMZY ALWAKEEL - Credit: Archant

Are you rich? There are 80 torture victims from Islington who could do with your generous help.

The Islington Survivors Network – a voluntary, unpaid group which helps victims of Islington’s scandal of organised abuse in care homes – only has £600 left in its kitty. It will collapse if this isn’t replenished.

Following the Gazette’s investigation into ex-mayor Sandy Marks last year, a QC has been appointed to look into our evidence. This is an important time for Islington Survivors Network. A lot of victims are waiting for answers.

But, as Dr Liz Davies points out, it is the only party in this saga not getting paid. It has to rely on donations.

When a victim comes forward, Dr Davies funds their expenses to visit for a one-on-one appointment. This is hugely important, ensuring their case can be taken forward while not leaving them out of pocket.

A £100 donation would go a long way. A day return ticket between Bristol Parkway and Paddington, for example, costs £79.80. It shows just how quickly that £600 kitty could disappear.

When Islington Survivors Network started in 2016, I interviewed one victim, Richard, in Dr Davies’ office at London Metropolitan University. I remember my teeth grinding in horror, for two hours straight, as he bravely recounted the abuse evil “carers” subjected him to in Highbury’s Grosvenor Avenue home.

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There are lots of poor people in Islington. But there are also lots of rich people. And a fair few super-rich. Surely they could spare some loose change for people like Richard?

To donate, email Dr Davies on islingtonsn@gmail.com

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