Children take flight for The Parakeet Parade in Finsbury Park

EXOTIC colours of the forest spill onto the streets as children take flight from the classroom for The Parakeet Parade.

Pupils at Stroud Green Primary School in Woodstock Road, Stroud Green, made their own parakeet masks for the carnival-style parade last Thursday (April 7).

They met at the Finsbury Park Cafe and toured the area before ending at the crossroads of Stroud Green Road and Upper Tollington Park.

The parade was designed by local artist Alex Head to help the children explore identity and adapting to survive.

They also learned about London’s thriving ring necked parakeet, a species that has adapted to the climate of the capital.

The 27-year-old artist, of Florence Road, Stroud Green, said: “When we went down Stroud Green Road everyone came out of the shops and the kids started singing, it was absolute bedlam, it was brilliant, and suddenly there was that sense of feeling there is something we share.

“I wanted to do a parade to get people out together.”

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The children spent a week completing workshops with the artist and each morning visited his current exhibition at Green Lens Studio & Gallery in Atterbury Road, Harringay.

For information on the exhibition visit