Coronavirus: Parent whose child goes to school tests positive for Covid-19

Two people in Havering have so far been confirmed with Covid-19. Picture: Victoria Jones/PA

Two people in Havering have so far been confirmed with Covid-19. Picture: Victoria Jones/PA - Credit: PA

UPDATE: There are now three positive cases of coronavirus in Islington, see here.


A parent whose child attends an Archway primary school has tested positive for Covid-19, according to the headteacher.

On Thursday last week Cassie Moss confirmed a parent whose child goes to Yerbury Primary School, in Foxham Road, has been diagnosed with the new strain of coronavirus.

But figures released by Public Health England on Sunday morning made clear that at that time there were no recorded cases of Covid-19 in Islington, suggesting the family lives elsewhere.

In an email sent to parents, seen by the Gazette, she wrote: 'A parent in the school community has tested positive for the coronavirus [Covid-19] and is in self-isolation along with their family.


'We have spoken to the parent and want to reassure you that they are currently experiencing 'mild' symptoms and are well in themselves. The parent has not been in the school, or playground, for around a month. The rest of the family currently present with no symptoms. The school will not be disclosing any further information that could identify the family.

'We continue to follow all Public Health England guidance. We have been told to continue to maintain high standards of hygiene and to carry on as normal. We have been advised to stay open and will continue to take advice.

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'If any child at school presents with a cough and a high temperature [38°C and above] then we will keep the child somewhere safe and away from other people until they can be collected and we will ask the parent or carer to call 111 for further advice.

'We ask that if any children are unwell and present with those symptoms at home, that you do not send them to school and call 111.'


Natasha Cox, whose daughter goes to the school, told the Gazette: 'I actually know who it is. There have been a few parents who have come back from places and have been self-isolating from their families. [...]

'I'm concerned in so much as my dad has bad lungs and my daughter has bad lungs, but the school have been very careful about making children wash their hands. And the parents who have come back from places have taken the precautions, I don't think there's any point in panicking.'