Finsbury Park pupils hit high notes with new scheme

Pupils at �Islington �Arts �and �Media �School �show �off �their �new found �musical �skills Pic: Pa

Pupils at �Islington �Arts �and �Media �School �show �off �their �new found �musical �skills Pic: Paul Bennett - Credit: Archant

A group of nascent Vanessa Maes celebrated their first term playing instruments provided by one of the most prolific West End composers.

The whole of year seven at Islington Arts and Media School in Turle Road have received an instrument each and music lessons thanks to a scheme backed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

With the first few weeks of learning under their belt, they are now set to take their skills across the borough, starting with a special Christmas performance for the elderly.

Ashley Grey, community arts co-ordinator at the Finsbury Park school, said: “Every pupil in the year has been given either a violin, a viola, a cello or a double bass.

“They haven’t been learning for long, but some of them are already plying with real confidence. It’s fantastic, because in the past you would only get music lessons if you already knew how to play, or if your parents were rich enough to afford to buy you an instrument. And music is a great leveller. It brings the whole school together.”